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The Kiwi Traveller
The Kiwi Traveller

Queenstown -The popular ski town; a thrill-seekers paradise


In the South Island of New Zealand, Queenstown in the city of Otago, has been a popular tourist destination for a number of years and has been steadily increasing in popularity. Queenstown is mostly known for its adventure and ski …

Mount Victoria – an amazing vantage point


The famous Mount Victoria is in fact a picturesque 196-m hill that overlooks the capital of New Zealand, Wellington. On its southern side you will see another hillock, Mount Albert, which is linked to the former by a connecting ridge. …

Lakes District Museum – Journey into gold-mining New Zealand


Located in the charming and historical town of Arrowton is perhaps the best introduction to the area’s iconic god rush history, which you will find at the Lakes District Museum. This unique cultural chronicle is situated in one of the …

Queenstown Ecotourism– For a Greener and More Invi…

Its location just below Australia, surrounded by the chilly waves of the Pacific Ocean and Tasman Sea gives the air of New…

A Challenging, Yet Rewarding Track – Mount Kaukau…

Wellington, the capital city of New Zealand, is an urban hub which is one of the country’s most popular tourist destinat…

Agrodome Sheep Show and Farm Tour – A must visit p…

Agrodome Sheep show is a fantastic event which shows sheep of the most popular breeds in New Zealand. This is a very popul…

An Attraction with a Dash of Sweetness – Chelsea S…

Auckland, the largest urban area in New Zealand, is a place with many exciting features. Serving as the hub of New Zealand…

As Close As You Can Get To Nature – Routeburn Trac…

New Zealand, an island nation located on the Pacific Ocean, is a country known for its natural scenic beauty. Being one of…

Uncover New Zealand’s Iconic Overpass at Breathtak…

Joining North Shore City’s Northcote with Auckland’s St.Mary’s Bay the Auckland Harbour Bridge is an iconic overpass…
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