Wellington Harbour – A Natural Harbour along the coast

Wellington Harbour located in the southern tip of North Island of New Zealand is a massive natural harbour which holds much significant importance when it comes to tourism. Wellington is the Capital of New Zealand and is located towards the west of the harbour. The famous Wellington Harbour carries an official name given as Port Nicholson and was used recently till the 1980’s when it got its current name.
Wellington is a place with perfect geographic phenomena for a natural harbor which is a protrusion from the Cook Straight and covers a land area of 70km2 having an entry way of 2 km width in between the Pencarrow head and Miramar Peninsula. The harbour has a Maori name as well which is Te Whanganui-a-Tara which means the grand harbour of Tara. The Wellington Harbour has a famous earthquake fault known as Wellington Fault and is a whole area of tectonic foundation which falls along the western shore of Wellington. Hutt River falls on the Northern end of the Wellington Harbour which is located along the earthquake fault. Towards the east of Wellington Harbour you will find many small inlets where many local communities have chosen to live in. Eastburne is the largest populated bay out of the many and is located in the northern most tip of Miramar Peninsula. In the harbour a visitor would find 3 islands known as Ward Island, Somes Island and Mokopuna Island. It’s good to keep in mind that the entrance to the Wellington Harbour could be risky because the Cook Straight is very rough towards the southern direction.
The harbour is in the vicinity of Barrett Reef which breaks down the water surface during low tide. There was once a very sad incident in 1968 where a ferry with passengers went down during a storm and cost the lives of 53 people. So travellers visiting the harbour should always be aware of the sea conditions before taking off. Millennium & Copthorne Hotels NZ lay upon a range of Wellington hotels for New Zealand tourists who come on tour to the Wellington Harbour. To have a great holiday experience it would be a great idea to try out luxury New Zealand Hotels for a change.

Rotorua Museum Of Art & History – Delving into New Zealand’s History

The Rotorua Museum of Art and History is an art gallery and museum situated in Rotorua in the Bay of Plenty, in New Zealand’s North Island. Housed inside the town’s esteemed Rotorua Bath House building, the Rotorua Museum was opened first in 1969 in the building’s South Wing. The Rotorua Art Gallery followed in 1977 and occupied the North Wing. As of 1988, the gallery and museum have joined operations to form the Rotorua Museum of Art and History. The museum’s collections include photographs, fine art, and various artefacts from Maori culture. Anyone interested in learning more about the country’s colourful history should consider visiting here.

are between 9 am and 8 pm, although it may be closed early for private functions. Winter (April to September) opening hours are between 9 am and 5 pm. Admission fees are $18 for adults and $7 for children, but special rates are available for families. The Rotorua Stories Cinema operates every twenty minutes from 9 am onwards, while the Maori Battalion Cinema runs every half hour from 9.30 am onwards. Free guided tours are run every hour from 10 am. Special tour arrangements can be made for big groups.

Situated just nine hundred miles to the east of continental Australia, New Zealand is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the south Pacific. It is the ideal vacation spot for extreme sports lovers and those who want to avoid the large crowds that are found in most other tourist destinations. Intensive conservative efforts and the somewhat secluded nature of many parts of the country have left the countryside virtually untouched by pollution. Something both the locals and tourists enjoy immensely about New Zealand.
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A Great Place to Spend the Day in Auckland – Regional Botanical Gardens

Auckland, located in the North Island of New Zealand, is the most populous and one of the most popular cities of New Zealand. Known for its rich Maori heritage and scenic beauty, Auckland is considered to be a city with one of the highest indexes of Quality of Life. It is also a popular tourist destination owing to its colourful culture, unique lifestyle, picturesque landscapes, and its development in music and arts.
Auckland is a region blessed with rich natural resources and luscious parks and gardens, and one of the most popular gardens in Auckland is the Regional Botanical Garden. This oasis of lush greenery is known for its serenity and beauty, and is one of the most visited parks in the region. Located just next to the Southern Motorway in Manurewa, the soothing and refreshing ambience of this park is sure to leave you with some lasting memories.
Spread over 64 hectares and declared open to the public in 1982, the Regional Botanical Gardens is home to 10,000 trees and plans from all corners of the world. Uniquely constructed to deliver a truly amazing experience amidst luscious greenery, this iconic garden functions with the vision of fostering appreciation for plants and greenery amongst the community. Also serving as a hub for research and conservation of flora, this garden is one of the most dynamic and unique gardens of Auckland. The Regional Botanical Garden boasts of having a vast number of species of native plants, palms, salvias, herbs, roses, camellias, magnolias, and urban trees, from almost all the continents of the world. Spending a day with the family at this garden will give you the opportunity to witness the true beauty and soothing effect of nature which is sure to be relaxing and peaceful. One can easily pack a picnic and explore the marvels of the gardens all day long, and get lost in the blissfulness of nature, while the kids can have lots of fun at the Potter’s Children Garden.
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More than Just Art at the Grainstore Gallery

New Zealand is well known for its role in providing breathtaking backdrops to Hollywood movies, but travellers should know that the country has much more to offer than just its natural beauty. True that New Zealand is blessed with fields upon fields of grassy meadows and a rugged romantic coastline, but beneath this is a nation that is filled with culture; all of this combines to make New Zealand one of the most exciting destinations to visit.
If you are travelling in the Waitaki Region, then a stopover in Oamaru is a must. It is a historic town that had gained prominence even during the Victorian Era as a busy port on New Zealand’s South Island. Much of the architecture of the town still stays true to the Victorian period with sandstone facades and domed roofs dominating the cityscape. Among the attractions are the old public gardens of the town, which have been designed in the traditional Victorian style found in England. The citizens of this port town are proud of its Victorian heritage and even the newer buildings have been designed to blend in with the older ones. Several tours are conducted in Oamaru so that visitors can fully explore the history of the town.
An important stop over on any tour through Oamaru is the Grainstore Gallery. The building itself is an old Victorian grain store, that used to store the season’s harvest safe from rodents and the rain. Today it has been converted into a modern art gallery that displays the penchant that New Zealanders have for modern art and architecture. Most of the sculptures and paintings on display are by local artistes with some travelling exhibits also being on display. The gallery also plays host to touring musicians and bands with good crowds usually attending these performances.
For travellers staying at New Zealand hotels in this area, the Grainstore Gallery is a great place to visit, not only for the art but also for some entertaining performances. It is a great place to enjoy some music and interact with locals for guests staying at hotels New Zealand such as Millennium & Copthorne Hotels NZ.

Auckland Zoo – New Zealand’s Fauna Collection

For the finest experience of the rich collection of New Zealand’s Species, visit the Auckland Zoo; an amazing exhibition of a huge array of species. It is set across 17 hectares of land and is intricately designed ensuring the added component of landscaped beauty and a very soothing natural setting. It is the best place to enjoy the many intriguing species native to New Zealand. It is a place that would fascinate you, whose tours and activities will intrigue and excite you and whose ambience promises you a fantastic affair with nature.

Perhaps one of the key features that draw a massive crowd to this zoo is its perfectly set location. Situated in close proximity to the airport and central Auckland it has always been a popular stop over for transit passengers as well. Admiring the animals only amounts to a small fraction of Auckland Zoo entertainment, what is even more fun is all the adventures and encounters you are sure to experience with your friends behind the fences. Yes the Auckland Zoo has plenty of amazing activities all to do with the residents of the zoo which are gloriously named as the ‘backstage events.’ These range from personally washing down mighty elephants, helping to feed a tiger, and just visiting eye to eye with some of the most exciting species this zoo has to offer; all quite adrenaline kicking fun! That is not all; you can experience all these activities at night time by indulging in the night safari that enables you to enjoy most of the nocturnal species kicking with glory; again another exciting activity to undertake. The Auckland Zoo is a fun place for the whole family; the kids can experience holding their favorite birds and you can experience petting a lion, whatever your age or taste you can fulfill it all in this place.
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Canterbury Museum – A Hub of Information

New Zealand is without a doubt one of the most beautiful countries in the world, well blessed by nature with lush landscapes and breathtaking scenery. Yet there is much more to this serene country than meets the eye, including an interesting history and heritage. Visitors will enjoy learning about this intriguing aspect of the country and the lives and history of its locals, and the best place to do this in Christchurch, is at the Canterbury Museum. The world renowned museum was first opened in 1870 and for more than a hundred years it has been a hub of information.
The Canterbury Museum is housed in an attractive building made of stone, and it will win the hearts of visitors even before they see the wonders on show inside. The displays in the museum are of high standard and span over a range of categories from those historical to modern and those based on human life to those that depict the wonders of nature. Some of the museum’s collections are world renowned, and there are more than two million items for visitors to relish. The information that the Canterbury Museum bestows on visitors is presented in an interesting manner that will create wonder and amazement, and memories that will be cherished.
A few of the many exciting collections at this well loved museum are the RealNZ collection and the RealLife collection. This first is based on the ancient New Zealanders and their way of life, and the latter displays models of various species that are special to the country. Visitors should also check out the story of Fred and Myrtle’s shell house, during their visit to the museum for an interesting experience. 
There are exciting exhibits for children too, providing so much fun, that youngster’s will hardly realize that the experience is educational! At the premise’s there is a café where visitors to the museum can relax in while admiring the view it offers of the city’s botanical garden. For those who want to take back New Zealand inspired souvenirs, the gift shop on site has a host of choices. The Canterbury Museum is definitely an interesting place to spend time at, when in New Zealand.
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Queenstown Rafting – Feel the Adrenaline Rush!!

Queenstown, New Zealand is a city synonymous with the word adventure. The early Maori set the trend by coming into Queenstown in search of pounamu a highly valued  greenstone, later followed by European settlers who came in search of fertile grazing land and was rewarded with not only fertile land but also – gold. Even after the gold rush of the 1860s died down the city has remained a magnet for adventures.
The spectacular outdoor terrain of Queenstown offers its visitors such a wide range of extreme sports such as skiing, snowboarding, bungee jumping, paragliding, jet boarding, sky diving and of course, its specialty, white water rafting!
To experience some serious white water rafting, one should head over to the Shotover River. The very ride on the winding road to Skippers canyon, famous for its many twists and turns, cliff edges and tight corners will leave you exhilarated. But the fun is just about to begin. From the deep creek over peaceful waters to the rapids of the lower canyon, rafting through the 170 m Oxenbridge Tunnel and to finally shooting through the Cascade rapid, Skippers canyon surely is the place to give your adrenaline a rush!
If you are intimidated by the sport but still want to give it a try don’t back out! The rafting at Kawarau and Landsborough rivers is especially for first time rafters as it provides a high level of safety standards, guide groups and school rates. Here one could enjoy plenty of action while having enough time to sit back, relax and enjoy some of Mother Nature’s most magnificent views. 
The trip through Landsborough River will give you incredible views of hanging glaciers, dense rainforests, bush and mountain scenery as it runs parallel to the Southern Alps meeting the sea at Haast in South Westland- a world heritage site. Paddling your way down the beautiful Kawarau River you will not be surprised to know that it starred as river Anduin in the Lord of the rings movie. At the Kawarau River enjoy the unforgettable Long Dog Leg rapid, at 400m it is New Zealand’s longest commercially rafted rapid.
To make this experience even more exciting add a few more sports to your days activities! As all other sports, apart for the winter sports, do operate throughout the year you could add them to your list of today things for the day.
Queenstown rafting can be your ultimate holiday experience. The town itself offers more family activities festivals and of course spas. If you are looking for Queenstown Hotel accommodation, try the Copthorn Hotel and Apartments, Queenstown Lakevieew. All the rooms and apartments at this New Zealand Queenstown hotel offer stunning views of Lake Wakatipu or of the mountain ranges. The hotel is very conveniently located. it is close to Queenstown Garden, Queenstown harbor and is only minutes away from the town centre.

Queenstown Garden – Take a Tour of New Zealand’s Best Gardens

Tranquil, scenic and untouched, New Zealand consists of two main islands as well as many smaller ones. It is approximately 1,500 kilometres east of Australia. The country was only recently settled by humans due to its remoteness, and although the cities are quite modern most of the countryside remains unspoilt. Tourists who crave a change from the urban scenery will enjoy one of the quieter towns more than bustling cities like Auckland or Wellington. A place like Queenstown in Otago is sure to help vacationers relax and have a good time.
Queenstown is a picturesque town located in New Zealand’s South Island. Offering attractions throughout the year it is one of the most widely visited parts of the country. The beautiful town is situated by the Lake Wakatipu and is ringed by the Southern Alps, and offers mesmerising views of nearby mountains like the Remarkables, the Walter Peak and the Cecil Peak. The quaint little town always has something to offer and one activity that every tourist should try is going on a garden tour.
Queenstown is home to many beautifully landscaped gardens and one can explore them by taking a garden tour. During these tours homeowners take visitors on a personal tour of their gardens while sharing their tips and secrets on gardening. All the gardens are unique and are inspired by landscaping styles from across the globe. The tours are generally small and intimate and provide terrific photo opportunities. There are several agencies that operate garden tours so visitors have plenty of choices.
Travellers can explore the Queenstown town centre by foot as it is not very big. Good parking spaces can be a little challenging to find. Fortunately there are a number of tour operators who run buses to the town’s major attractions.  Finding a good New Zealand Queenstown hotel will not prove difficult. Those who want luxury Queenstown hotel accommodation close to the town centre can try the Copthorne Hotel & Apartments Queenstown Lakeview. Situated a stone’s throw from the city centre, the hotel is the ideal place for business and leisure travellers.

Changing Circumstances – Old St Paul’s Cathedral

For visitors interested in historic Wellington there are many buildings and other sites that date back to the time of its original European settlers. Several pleasant walking routes and heritage tours in the historic districts of Wellington are available that provide an interesting historical experience. 
Foremost among the historical sites, is the first Anglican cathedral located in the historic Thorndon district of Wellington city; Old St Paul’s was built in the Gothic revival style popular in the 19th century and is one of the few examples of the genre in existence. What is special about the building is its soaring interior constructed entirely out of New Zealand timber, the beauty of which is enhanced by windows depicting biblical stories in shinning colours. 
Adding to the historic vibe are the ensigns hung in the nave of the church of the Royal Navy, the New Zealand Merchant Navy and the second Division of the US Marine Corps dating back to World War Two. A touch of solemnity is added by the many memorial plaques dedicated to those who perished in World War One embedded in the columns and walls. A guided tour is the best way to hear the interesting stories associated with this old cathedral and the significance of some of its features which are inextricably linked with the history of Wellington and the country itself. 
After the Diocese of Wellington was moved across the street to the new St Paul’s Cathedral in 1964, plans to demolish this historic landmark were thwarted when the New Zealand Government purchased it in 1967 and restored the cathedral. Although not a religious institution any more, the old cathedral is still very much a part of the social life of the city being a popular venue for social occasions such as weddings, concerts and other celebrations. 
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A Challenging, Yet Rewarding Track – Mount Kaukau

Wellington, the capital city of New Zealand, is an urban hub which is one of the country’s most popular tourist destinations. Located on the southern tip of the Northern Island of New Zealand and considered to be the “coolest little capital in the world”, the city boasts of natural beauty coupled with a unique & artistic culture and many exciting and historic tourist attractions.
One of the most exciting and rewarding attractions of New Zealand is Mount Kaukau. Known to be both challenging and exciting, the track to the summit of Mount Kaukau is one which will be a treat to those that enjoy hiking or biking. Although this track is demanding, your efforts are sure to be rewarded, as the summit offers magnificent overviews of the city of Wellington, and of the beautiful scenery around the area.
Located in Ngaio, Welliongton, Mount Kaukau stands at 419m at its summit and offers a bit of a demanding trek to the top. The track stretches over 3km, and can be covered in close to 30 minutes if you don’t stop to admire the scenery along the way. The track, which can be travelled on foot or by bike, varies from place to place, with some places being steep and challenging, while other places are relatively much easier. However, your hike up the Mount Kaukau is surely rewarded upon arrival at its summit, as it has lush native and exotic vegetation, and an aerial view of the magnificent scenery surrounding the mountain. 
While this summit is the highest point which overlooks the city and the sprawling harbour of Wellington, it also offers excellent views of the Rimutaka Mountain Ranges and the Kaikoura Mountain Ranges. The summit is an excellent place for a picnic with friends and loved ones, as it also has an outdoor swimming pool and many areas for BBQ’s and picnics. So visit Mount Kaukau for a truly memorable experience.
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