Adam Art Gallery – Art comes alive!

If you fancy a foray into the latest art scene unfolding in New Zealand’s quaint little cultural enclave of Hobart, the Adam Art Gallery is where you need to be, with its spectacular collection of works meant to provoke more questions than answers. The city is full of such quirky little niches that afford a unique experience each time you visit, and one of the best Wellington New Zealand hotels on the market, such as the Copthorne Hotel Wellington Oriental Bay. With spectacular views of the beach as well as easy access to the Oriental Bay boardwalk, this stylish hotel in Wellington will introduce you to a world-class selection of neat little coffee shops, stylish boutiques and priceless antique shops affording a range of treasures to discover. If you feel your arts antennae buzzing with a creative signal, it must be detecting the Adam Art Gallery, which is home to a stunning selection of creativity designed and specifically chosen to provoke conversation and spark debate. The exhibits span a range of themes across various media can include group or solo projects. Currently, the gallery is running a revealing joint collection of works from Leiko Shiga of Japan and Paul Johns of Christchurch who both survived the recently earthquakes in the two countries. Witness the provocative still-life captures of the survivors and the debris-strewn aftermath that raises important question of life, death, existentialism and spirituality. The exhibit will run until the 29th of September and is worth a glimpse if you’re in the city at the time. From the 11th of October to the 20th of December, the gallery will feature the creations of John Panting, a talented young sculpture who died under tragic circumstances at the age of 34 in 1974. Emerging as a spark of creativity amidst a problematic modernist ethos, the spatial steel constructions are sure to lure arts appreciators of modernist reinvention. The same exhibition will also feature the works of New Zealand’s leading artist, Peter Robinson, who conducts unique forays into modernist sculpture via a range of materials such as piano wire, polystyrene, and felt. So drop by the Adams Art Gallery this year to witness one-of-a-kind journeys into human ingenuity and innovation.

Angela Fernando is an impassioned travel writer who composes pieces under the pen name Sumaira Narayan. She loves writing about new and exciting places around the world and intends to visit them all someday.