Auckland City Sights

Auckland is home to various attractions and staying at a centrally located Auckland hotel makes it easy to make the most of your holiday. An elegant hotel Auckland CBD has to offer, it is within easy access of fascinating sights. The city’s attractions include Sky Tower, The Edge, Queen’s Wharf, and more. Get an insight into the rich history of the city and enjoy enchanting natural sights with a full or half day tour. Several must visit places include Parnell, home to antique shops, cafes and boutiques. Owing to the city’s spectacular location, there are various sightseeing opportunities and activities to indulge in.


Queen’s Wharf Auckland – A Fun Family Day by the Waterfront

Offering an idyllic escape amidst stunning natural scenery and charming cityscapes full of local culture, Auckland provides visitors with a unique holiday adventure. Located on New Zealand’s North Island, this vibrant city is a great place to head to with the family or that special someone as you explore and enjoy the very best this picturesque part of the country has to offer. There are many fascinating sights to see here and those looking for places to visit while on holiday should definitely spend time at Queen’s Wharf in Auckland.

Ideally located in the downtown area near the Auckland Ferry Terminal, this lively locale is a popular hangout spot with locals as well. Looking out across Waitemata Harbour, Queen’s Wharf provides the perfect spot to rest and play amidst a scenic backdrop.

Queens Wharf which was completed in 1913 played a significant role in the city’s maritime endeavours and was used as a hub both for the transportation of goods and people. Currently owned by the New Zealand Government and Waterfront Auckland, the wharf has been transformed into an area where the entire family can unwind and engage in a variety of activities.

Be it soaking up the sun and the scenery or indulging in a bit of people watching, Queens Wharf is an ideal place to just sit back and watch the world go slowly by. At the northern part of the wharf you will actually find comfy ‘loungers’ where you can do just that while taking in the views of Waitemata Harbour.

As you explore the area make sure to visit the various sights of interest here; the historical Ferry Building where you will find several cafes and dining options, the distinctive heritage listed building known as Shed 10 and the striking events venue called, ‘The Cloud’. Queens Wharf is also a great site to indulge in an activity that gives you a chance to catch your own supper; fishing!

Those in search of centrally located luxury hotels collection in the city can stay at The Langham Hotel Auckland. Situated within easy reach of the waterfront, this elegant property belongs to Langham Hotels which has a variety of luxury 5 star hotels in a range of key destinations the world over.

Thanuja Silva is a travel writer who writes under the pen name Auburn Silver. She has a passion for fashion and a deep interest in admiring new and exotic attractions around the world.


Ceroc Dance in Auckalnd – Dancing Your Cares Away!

A fun way to stay in shape and dance your cares away, Ceroc Dance is a not to be missed activity when visiting the city of Auckland. Those looking for Luxury Hotels Collection in the city can stay at The Langham Hotel Auckland which offers an ideal base for your sightseeing adventures. The property belongs to The Langham Brand which owns luxury 5 star hotels in various key locations in the world. Originating in the UK, Ceroc Dance combines a range of dance styles such as rock’n’roll, salsa and swing and is danced to an eclectic range of music. Ceroc lessons are offered at such venues as the Ceroc Studio in Auckland giving even beginners a chance to easily learn this enjoyable dance style!

Aotea Centre – Performing arts venue

images (5)Auckland is truly a leisure travellers’ paradise and Auckland hotel suites at an ideally located Auckland hotel such as The Langham Auckland are suitable for your accommodation needs. A unique place of interest among the numerous local attractions is Aotea Centre. With a world-class design, this multi-purpose venue boasts an extensive collection of New Zealand artwork, contemporary furnishings, the latest technology and more. Consisting of function rooms, bars, the Herald Theatre and the ASB Auditorium, the Aotea Centre is renowned among international artists and hosts popular events. The venue’s ASB theatre/auditorium has been an attraction in its own right for a long time.

Rainbow’s End: Where There is Something for Everyone

New Zealand’s speciality in providing diverse experiences is not only limited to its stunningly diverse terrain but also in their man-made endeavours such as the Rainbow’s End, the country’s premier Theme Park located in Auckland.

Initially, when the establishment opened to the public in 1982, it consisted of only a small number of rides and attractions. As time progressed, additional attractions such as the Pirate Ship, Log Flume, Dodgems and Space Shuttle Zim Zam Zoo Playground were opened. At present, the main attraction of the park is undoubtedly the Corkscrew Roller Coaster, which coincidentally is the only feature of its kind available in the country.

For the thrill seekers, the Power Surge will literally make them spin with delight as the ride spins both horizontally and vertically while one of the newest roller coaster rides, The Invader, will make them scream as it charges across an eighty metre track at high speed. For an additional thrill, make your way to the Fear Fall where you will be lifted up and dropped at a speed of 80 km/h that is sure to make your heart race. The Park is also complete with themed roller coaster rides, such as Goldrush which is modelled with very sharp corners and heart wrenching drops. After all the thrill and excitement, one may opt for the slow paced Cinema 180, a screen with a 180 degree view which shows a 12 minute movie.

For children, the Castle Land attraction is ideal for it specifically caters to the needs of the younger patrons. The Castle Land is complete with Space Shuttles, The Carousal and The Jumpin’ Star and can even be rented for a one of a kind birthday party. For families, the Scorpion Karts are ideal. These are essentially Go-Karts suitable for families to ride in. Families could also opt for the Bumper Boats where riders can drive leisurely or cause mischief by bumping into other boats. Another ride that could be enjoyed greatly by families is the Enchanted Log Flume which is also one of the Park’s most beloved rides and is complete with a photo capture at the end of the ride.

All in all, Rainbows End provides for a fun outing for families, kids, and even senior citizens! Being the country’s largest theme park it is definitely worth a visit when touring New Zealand. When you come to the city, searching for an Auckland hotelto reside in is not an easy task. However, if you are a discerning traveller who wishes to travel in style and search for stylish and luxurious Auckland hotel suites, you need not look any further than The Langham Auckland. Allow its timeless elegance and charming hospitality to provide you with one of the best hotel stays you’ve ever experienced.

Parnell Village

Travellers seeking Auckland hotel accommodation should not look further than The Langham Auckland, a prominent Auckland Hotel Suites. The region is renowned the world over as a top tourist destination home to a multitude of attractions such as the Parnell Village. A charming neighborhood well known for being the oldest neighborhood in Auckland, it is home to boutiques, galleries, cafes, restaurants and other places. At its chic boutiques you will find a wide variety of items including jewellery and quality crafts. Whilst there are dining options to suite all budgets, to find fascinating historic buildings and tranquil parks you will have to proceed further, leaving the main shopping area.

Kelly Tarltons – Take a Dive and Travel Through The Sea Life Aquarium

Kelly Tarlton’s Sea Life Aquarium is one of New Zealand’s most popular tourist and visitor attractions. Situated on Ohaku Bay, Auckland, this aquarium was inaugurated in 1985 and is a brainchild of Kelly Tarlton – perhaps New Zealand’s most prolific sea diver and marine archaeologist.

His idea to create an aquarium using unused sewage storage tanks coupled with curved acrylic tunnels was novel at the time and was the beginning of a much awaited journey into the ocean world. The current aquarium has undergone many changes in management and the latest refurbishments have seen the it become bigger and better than it ever was. Visitors to Kelly Tarlton’s Sea Life Aquarium are able to now view many exhibits and displays as well as have interactive and up close experiences.

The shark dives or shark cages are perhaps the most popular dare devil activities on board at the museum, where visitors have the opportunity of diving into the large tank filled with many sharks of different varieties including the School Shark, Sand Tiger Shark, Wobbegong Shark and much more. Experienced divers accompany the guests in order to ensure a safe dive. For those not as daring the cage is an excellent opportunity to get close to these predators in relative safety.

The Stingray Bay houses many different varieties as does the all new Seahorse Kingdom. As seahorses are an unusual and unique sea creature that is gradually being threatened, the Kelly Tarlton Sea Life Aquarium has given special attention to the conservation of these animals.

Additional attractions include the fish gallery housing many different varieties of fish found both in rivers and oceans from around the world like the pig fish and cray fish, lionfish, piranha and moray eels. The Antarctic Ice Adventure takes visitors through penguin exhibits housing King Penguins and Gentoo Penguins in their temperature controlled habitat. Children’s activities and other educational and knowledge intensifying displays and exhibits will certainly add to the overall experience that is sure to have you coming back for more.

For those hoping to visit the city and looking for an Auckland hotel consider a luxury stay at The Langham Auckland with its star class amenities and some of the best Auckland hotel suites.

Auckland Mission Bay – A Distinctive Attraction

Auckland is a world famous tourist destination renowned for its plethora of unique attractions and travellers seeking Auckland hotel accommodation should look to none other than Copthorne Hotel Auckland Harbour City which is an Auckland hotel of choice. Among the many places of interest in the city, Mission Bay takes a special place. Also referred to as ‘Flying School Bay’ and ‘Kohimarama’, the Mission Bay is rooted in New Zealand’s aviation history and consists of a number of special features such as Trevor Moss Davis Memorial Fountain which was created by Sicilian marble placed in such a way that catches the light making for a striking effect

Thanuja Silva is a travel writer who writes under the pen name Auburn Silver. She has a passion for fashion and a deep interest in admiring new and exotic attractions around the world.


Ice Skating in Auckland – A must experienced winter activity

With the introduction of outdoor skating rink to Auckland, the city has transformed into a wonder world during winter. When you are holidaying in New Zealand, make sure you reserve your perfect accommodation at a luxury Auckland hotel close by to the city’s many attractions. The Langham Auckland is one the Auckland hotel suites collections, for many travellers visiting the city. Your holiday would not be complete if you don’t experience an evening at one of the ice skating rinks available in the city. You can also witness performances presented by professional skaters who visit the city during the season. There are free ice skating lessons available along with many other activities such as snow sculpture designing, skating competitions and demonstrations.

Auckland War Memorial Museum – a glimpse to the past of the best warriors in times gone by

The Auckland Museum which is also popular as the Auckland War Memorial Museum is one of New Zealand’s most prominent and significant venues when it comes to the history of the nation. The speciality is it consists of historical monuments which belong to the military history, natural history and history of the whole of Auckland region. This structure also is renowned as one of the most good lookers out of the many buildings present in Auckland. The neo-classicist design of the structure is what brings the glamour to the great museum.

The museum carries back traces of history dating back to the 1852 where it was originally launched in the farm workers log cabin where now stands the Auckland University. Within the 1st year of its opening this museum attracted around 710 visitors. However as time passed, the interest that the people had towards the museum lessened as the museum began to get neglected even though its collection grew higher with time. This neglected museum was then transferred under the management and concern of The Auckland Institute in 1869. A new building with an exquisite Italian design was constructed on behalf of the museum opposite the northern club which is situated near the Government House.

Among the large collections of the museum the visitors will come across artefacts of the Maori, Pacific Island and other truly interesting treasures which also include the three whole buildings that are built. The Hotonui which is the huge imprinted meeting place which was constructed in 1878 and the Te Toki a Tapiri which is a war canoe that is coming along from year 1830. The Auckland Museum is also home to 1.2 Million images. It also has 1.5 million natural history examples which are currently stored and exhibited. There is also a special segment which covers the times of war. This museum is a must visit by all Auckland visitors who loves history of Auckland. The Langham Auckland will solve your accommodation issues and lessen your trouble in searching an Auckland hotel. This hotel is where you will find the best Auckland hotel suites.