Seddon Park Hamilton – Cricket in Eden

Cricket has never been more relaxing than when experienced in the lush green expanses of the Seddon Park; a cricket ground in nature which has the soul of a park. The atmosphere is so breath taking that every ounce of thrill you experience with cricket is laced with tranquility. The Seddon Park is renowned for its beauty. Every day plenty of visitors roam about these expanses of green that has given it the reputation of a popular picnic spot in New Zealand.

The Seddon Park is located in the city of Hamilton. This city is regarded as the 4th biggest city in the country. Being also the fourth largest cricket stadium in New Zealand it hosts a number of high profile cricket matches every year. It boasts a true oval shape and has a spectacular village green setting that is adored by visitors to the Park. The green vista of the park does justice to the picturesque landscape so prominent in New Zealand and this ambience is reflected so perfectly by the Seddon Park. The Stadium has several different names by which it is known and Seddon being the most popular is actually a name given after New Zealand’s former Prime Minister John Seddon. The park is well grassed and has a center piece with 9 pitches and it is known in the cricket world as an excellent batting field. Even though the stadium is originally designed for cricket, it has a flexible environment and hosts other sports such as hockey and Rugby as well. If you are in the country during one of the matches held at the Seddon Park, be sure to not miss it as you are guaranteed a one of a kind experience with sports at this stadium cum park.

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