Marg Morrow Gallery Hokianga – Black and white come alive

Are you fascinated by the visual arts, of photography in particular? If so, head on down to the Marg Marrow Gallery, which presents a true treat for appreciators of the visual arts. Located in the middle of the historic town of Kohukohu, New Zealand is a splendid photographic gallery that sits alongside the Village Arts, overlooking the scenic Hokianga harbour.

The credit of opening this amazing art gallery goes to Marg Marrow. She is a black and white photography specialist who has produced mesmerising landscape photography, alternative media and darkroom processes. The gallery has successfully held several exhibitions that speak the true talent of artists. A few of these unique creations are classified under the titles of Houtupu, Maculare, The Shape of Water and Domestic Glimpses.

The Marg Marrow Gallery is famous among visitors as an outstanding white-wall gallery that showcases amazing creations of artists from around the country. One might think black and white photos are simple yet in reality it acts as a medium that speaks volumes to the discerning eye. If you visit this incredible gallery, you would discover how beautifully moments are captured in a photo. Although two-dimensional in actuality, the captures evoke a three-dimensional world of meaning and significance that is sure to ease and entrance the eye in one go.

Currently, the gallery features an exhibition under the intriguing title of “The Process of Forgetting”. The images that are showcase in this exhibition have strong visual references to the past. The content of the exhibition is based on personal memories of the artist that present a stunning glimpse into immensely intimate aspects of life. While you visit the Marg Morrow Gallery, do not forget to head to the Hokianga harbour that lies in front of the gallery, as it will present magnificent settings for photo opportunities captured through your own lens.

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