Moirai Studio and Gallery – Beauty Inspired by Nature

Want to get away from the hustle and bustle of the city, and spend a holiday in a place so peaceful it will soothe all five senses and elevate the soul to what feels like heaven? For this travellers will have to be close to nature and New Zealand is the ideal destination. Undoubtedly one of the most beautiful countries in the world, with lush green landscapes and enchanting sites, New Zealand is a paradise for holiday makers who want some peace and quiet, woven together with beautiful experiences. When in the country visit the Moirai Studio and Gallery, tucked away among picturesque surroundings, it is the birth place of some magnificent pieces of art.
The Waipoua Kauri Forest neighbouring the studio and art gallery is one of the nation’s greatest blessings. Here visitors can enjoy the great environment, and this same peaceful ambiance is felt at the gallery. The two resident artists Diane Yanakopulos and Seabourne Rust are artists to the core, and their creations, which are usually inspired by nature, will thrill visitors. Guests usually make an appointment prior to stopping by here, or can drop in if the open sign is displayed. They, along with the resident dog will warmly welcome guests to this fantastic site.
At the Moirai Studio and Gallery visitors will find creations that reflect New Zealand, and those enthusiastic about art can purchase one of the pieces as a reminder of the holiday. With each painting comes a comment from the artist making it a very precious and personal piece to own. There are also various products such as postcards, gift cards and handmade jewellery available here, that visitors can purchase. Occasionally there are exhibitions hosted at the studio and quality art is displayed at these events. There is indeed a unique experience to be had here, and visitors will see and learn things they never knew from these artists whose passion towards their work is amazing.
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Playing the Game – New Zealand Rugby Museum

The New Zealand Rugby museum in Palmerston North is the first museum in the world to be devoted to rugby. The museum sets forth the legends and history of the game in the country and focuses on homegrown heroes of the game. Learn how the game is played in New Zealand and how it was shaped by the land. See the first rugby jersey with the fern emblem, the oldest rugby ball and even the boots of All Black star Don Carter. Have fun by testing your rugby skills with interactive games.

The museum exhibits comprise of 37,000 items including equipment, clothing, badges, footwear, scrap books, photographs, a rare copy of the first New Zealand rugby anthem On the Ball, one of four caps in existence of the 1888 / 89 tour of the UK, personal items of Charles Monro who pioneered the game in New Zealand, match programs starting from the 1880s, the first Maori rugby instruction manual and even the stuffed remains of a kiwi bird, the first mascot. The extensive library on the premises has information on all aspects of the game backed up by a collection of newspaper clippings from around the world. Learn all there is it to know about New Zealand’s favourite team the All Blacks from the searchable extensive database on the team. There is data on all the players who have played for the team including the current ones, information on all the matches played by the All Blacks, covers of souvenirs of all the matches played and information on Black Fern members, the All Blacks women’s team. Only a part of the collection is on view while some part of it is in storage and others are leant to similar organizations in New Zealand and overseas for temporary display. The museum is popular with the media who use the archives for research. This self funding organization is kept alive by donations, sale of souvenirs, admission fees, research fees and grants from the New Zealand Rugby Union.

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The Colonial Cottage Museum: Step into the picturesque cottage in Wellington

Surrounded by a neat little garden, the colonial cottage now functions as a museum and allows its visitors an opportunity to view life as it was at a time that we’ve only heard of or read about.
The prim little cottage with its white fence and clusters of plants gathered lovingly about it appears ageless and timeless like a lady who has failed to age, simply because of her charming demeanour. Stepping inside however, you are immediately thrown into an era that is bygone, but nonetheless possessing its own allure. This museum cottage in Wellington is indeed a window to look at the past and showcases the lifestyle of a Victorian couple who lived there in the middle of 19th century in New Zealand.
It is not surprising that this Colonial cottage museum is the oldest building in the entire city of Wellington city. So well deserving of its place as “Category 1” as classified by the New Zealand Historic places of Trust, the cottage today is a tourist attraction and functions as a museum for the general public. The quaint little cottage has once been the first abode of one Willaim Wallis and his lady who have travelled from England and taken up to settling here. The cottage that was built in a Georgian style in 1848 is found in Nairn Street in Mount Cook, Wellington. The articles within the cottage also belong to the family while only a few has been donated by other families. The cottage also has a typical rural garden surrounding it, with flowers and shrubs and some vegetables growing there. There is also said to be a chicken coop in it with heritage breeds of chicken. The cottage now functions as a museum and there is a tour guide who can be quite eloquent about the conditions of that era as well as regarding the family who lived there. While the abode itself is quite small, the numerous old household articles seem to give insight to an incredible amount of labour that has gone into completing every task, at a time when the modern technological discoveries were scarce or unheard of. In that respect most people find the cottage a refreshing change and indeed the museum has quite a throng of viewers per day.

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