Rotorua Museum – always a cultural highlight

The Rotorua Museum of Art and History is an outstanding art gallery and museum which is always fascinating to explore. This captivating institution is contained within an expansive building which was formerly known as the Bath House, a cultural attraction in its own right.
Many interesting artefacts and artworks may be seen at Rotorua Museum in a number of engrossing collections. The Fine Arts Collection contains a number of acclaimed images portraying New Zealand, contemporary as well as historical artworks, different sculptures, handicrafts and ceramics. Meanwhile, the Taonga Maori Collection displays valuable relics of the Arawa ethnic group, the native inhabitants of the region of Rotorua. On the other hand, the Social History Collection features artefacts relating to the period following settlement by Europeans, with a noteworthy collection of unique souvenirs. The Photographic Collection is another highlight, with more than 70,000 pictures of Rotorua’s vibrant past.

The museum features a number of attractive experiences which will appeal to the young as well as older visitors. Two enthralling cinematic presentations have been constructed to make the museum’s elements come to life, to make it an entertaining as well as educating experience for all guests. Visitors also have the opportunity to enjoy the panoramic vistas from the Viewing Platform on the building’s rooftop. You will be able to see across Lake Rotorua, the Government Gardens and the Sulphur Bay, a truly memorable sight. You can also take a guided tour of the institution conducted by one of the museum’s entertaining and experienced guides, who will provide an informative tour of the establishment’s salient features. On the other hand, children can take part in the special kids’ activities such as the Discovery Trails where they can engage in an educational detective game.

Exploring the expansive Bath House Building is an activity in itself, as it consists of many different chambers and hallways. This edifice formerly served, as its name suggests, as a well-known spa which attracted patrons from around the world. If you would like to stay at a convenient Rotorua hotel you will find an excellent choice in the Millennium Hotel Rotorua. This outstanding hotel in Rotorua provides quality accommodation and courteous hospitality.

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