SKI360° – for that adrenaline rush

Singapore has a number of places to go to for travellers who are into adventure sports. Amongst these diverse sports, the latest addition is cable skiing. SKI 360 is the very first cable ski park in Singapore and it is definitely a must visit place for tourists who are into sports and adventure.
What happens here is pretty similar to wakeboarding or water skiing, but in this case sportsmen are being pulled by a cable which goes all around the lagoon area in which it is located. It is definitely an interesting place to hang out whether one is a water skier or watching some of the regular pros in action. For visitors who come here looking for adventure, there are a number of interesting obstacles to perform ranging from tabletop, funbox, kickers and even wall rides for riders to hit.

There are instructors who are going to be there throughout and guide if one is an amateur or if it is the first time to take up wakeboarding or kneeboarding. Even if one does not have any skiing gear, there is no reason to worry about it, as the wake shop at the premises has in store everything that a water skier needs. So even though the guest may not be prepared with his gear, he can still drop by and obtain everything he needs there. There is also a wakeboarding school located here offering those interested courses on wakeboarding and those who follow the courses can easily pick up this sport within a short span of time and enjoy it.
It is located very close to the east coast park beach near the east coast lagoon in between the East Coast Food Court and the East Coast Seafood Centre. The opening hours vary every day of the week, therefore it is better to check up before heading there. For travellers who are keen to spend a day exploring this sport or even watching people wakeboard while sipping a coffee or a drink, SKI360° is the place to go. It can be easily accessed from a number of Hotels in Singapore. Millennium & Copthorne Hotels Singapore is one of the Singapore Hotels, which is only a short drive away from this attraction.

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