The Nevis Swing – Ride A Swing You Will Never Forget!

The Nevis Swing is Queenstown’s latest attraction for adventurers and features adrenaline pumping excitement along its 120 metres. This swing is also known as the Nevis Arc and is presented to the public by AJ Hackkett Bungee. This new addition to the city of Queenstown has grabbed the attention of many thrill seekers. Its location is ideal for all those looking for an unforgettable rush that will have your heart racing to new speeds! Being the world’s largest swing, the Nevis Swing is surely something that one should not miss. This amazing landmark in New Zealand is located right next to the Nevis Bungee.

The feeling one gets on this super exciting pleasure ride is a once in a lifetime experience. You can move backwards or forwards, with a friend or all by yourself and move high up off the ground. You can use your own style from honeymoon, truck n’ trailer, forwards, backwards, back to back or upside down. This thriller ride will definitely get the blood pumping, especially when you find yourself rising swiftly through the valley in an arc of 300 metres.

The Nevis Swing is guaranteed to blow your mind away and take you to a place you have never imagined. The minimum age for those who can ride this attraction is 10 years. A point to keep in mind for those visiting is to wear footwear that will cover your feet since it can get cold. It is also wise to wear attire to suit the various climatic conditions which will mostly be a very chilly weather. Kids who are below the age of sixteen require the written permission from parents or a guardian. Travellers can also access the jump site with the fee you pay for the swing. So do not miss this great opportunity of going on the biggest swing in the world while you are in New Zealand.

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