Waimangu Volcanic Rift Valley – Nature at its best

It was when a mountain exploded, transforming the surrounding landscape outside Rotorua in 1886 that this scenic beauty mesmerizing many pairs of eyes ever since had been created. In the Maori language, Waimangu stands for “dark water” and it is not clear as to whether this indicates the mysterious depths of some of the naturally created pools found in this enchanting place or the dark and dreary event that was instrumental in forming this mystic valley. Located only 20 minutes away from Rotorua, most people who visit this place make it a point to lodge in a hotel in Rotorua and a Rotorua hotel that is preferred by many for this purpose is Millennium Hotel Rotorua which offers all the modern amenities that a traveller may possibly need. Warbrick Terrace is a visual masterpiece in the hues of gold, rust, green and black while the Emerald pools located in the area are known for their luscious green colour winking at the visitors in their full glory.