Waitomo Caves – An enchanting experience

Attracting thousands of visitors each year, the Waitomo Caves are indeed a marvel to behold. The word Waitomo being derived from the Maori Wai referring to water and tomo referring to a sinkhole or doline, the name is aptly coined thus to refer to the small size of the cave as well as to imply the water running through this marvellous God’s creations.

It is believed that these caves harbour within them a history of over 2 million years. Located at North Island of New Zealand, the Waitomo Caves are a natural attraction that has awed many in the past years and left them starry eyed with wonder. The limestone landscape of the province attracts the attention of many and has been a hotspot for cave tourism from the early 1900s. The most fascinating feature of these caves may be the presence of the glow-worms in thee otherwise dark and dreary caves. Discover these shimmering creatures while taking a casual paddle in a boat, gliding above the water usually guided by an experienced guide who will explain to the visitors in detail the many fascinating legends that robe these enchanting caves. The Waitomo Glow-worm Cave comprises of three levels and an enclosed cathedral which because of its excellent acoustic qualities has provided the stage for many famous singers to expose their talents. The guided tours will cover this and more bringing the visitors right through the cave and the catacombs. The tour ending in a boat ride in the underground Waitomo River only lit by the glow worms will bring the visitors under a sky lit by living moving fairy lights. The experience is indeed magical and is sure to leave deeply embedded memories in the minds all those who have had the privilege of visiting these mesmerizing caverns.

The most visited caves noted for their wondrous interiors are the Ruakuri Cave, Waitomo Glowworm Cave, Gardner’s Gut and Aranui Cave. Known for their wondrous stalagmite and stalactite displays hanging from the ceilings in distinctive clusters, the place is also known as a place that provides true caving experiences to-many.

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