Auckland War Memorial Museum – a glimpse to the past of the best warriors in times gone by

The Auckland Museum which is also popular as the Auckland War Memorial Museum is one of New Zealand’s most prominent and significant venues when it comes to the history of the nation. The speciality is it consists of historical monuments which belong to the military history, natural history and history of the whole of Auckland region. This structure also is renowned as one of the most good lookers out of the many buildings present in Auckland. The neo-classicist design of the structure is what brings the glamour to the great museum.

The museum carries back traces of history dating back to the 1852 where it was originally launched in the farm workers log cabin where now stands the Auckland University. Within the 1st year of its opening this museum attracted around 710 visitors. However as time passed, the interest that the people had towards the museum lessened as the museum began to get neglected even though its collection grew higher with time. This neglected museum was then transferred under the management and concern of The Auckland Institute in 1869. A new building with an exquisite Italian design was constructed on behalf of the museum opposite the northern club which is situated near the Government House.

Among the large collections of the museum the visitors will come across artefacts of the Maori, Pacific Island and other truly interesting treasures which also include the three whole buildings that are built. The Hotonui which is the huge imprinted meeting place which was constructed in 1878 and the Te Toki a Tapiri which is a war canoe that is coming along from year 1830. The Auckland Museum is also home to 1.2 Million images. It also has 1.5 million natural history examples which are currently stored and exhibited. There is also a special segment which covers the times of war. This museum is a must visit by all Auckland visitors who loves history of Auckland. The Langham Auckland will solve your accommodation issues and lessen your trouble in searching an Auckland hotel. This hotel is where you will find the best Auckland hotel suites.