Lakes District Museum – Journey into gold-mining New Zealand

Located in the charming and historical town of Arrowton is perhaps the best introduction to the area’s iconic god rush history, which you will find at the Lakes District Museum. This unique cultural chronicle is situated in one of the most scenic areas of the country that has retained its pristine nature despite almost a century and a half of European settlement. In the meantime, if you’re searching for quality Queenstown hotel accommodation to your stay, consider the elegant suites featured at the Copthorne Hotel & Apartments Queenstown Lakeview. Boasting a scenic location and luxury amenities, this New Zealand Queenstown hotel will provide a welcoming lodging experience. For an intriguing excursion into the area’s iconic gold-mining history, visit the Lakes District Museum that is appropriately set in the former gold hub of Arrowton. Here you will discover a hands-on and interactive introduction to gold mining, via an interesting array of exhibits that all aim to transport you to the heady days of the nineteenth century gold rush that spurred development in the area. It also provides a fascinating glimpse into the early period of Maori settlement in the country as well, with intriguing exhibits spanning two floors across three historic buildings, and the museum is now considered a leading cultural institution. There is also an art gallery, insightful archives and a bookstore located onsite where you can purchase a variety of gift cards, beautiful coffee table volumes featuring stunning photographs of the landscape and local culture, as well as a quirky souvenir offering. The museum also plays an important role in the preservation of the area’s cultural heritage and has been involved with a variety of restoration projects of the town. Aspiring gold miners can also try their luck in this valuable local enterprise. For NZD 3 and a $10 cover charge, you can rent a gold mining pan and spend the entire day panning the river for gold. Who knows; you might hit the jackpot!

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Adam Art Gallery – Art comes alive!

If you fancy a foray into the latest art scene unfolding in New Zealand’s quaint little cultural enclave of Hobart, the Adam Art Gallery is where you need to be, with its spectacular collection of works meant to provoke more questions than answers. The city is full of such quirky little niches that afford a unique experience each time you visit, and one of the best Wellington New Zealand hotels on the market, such as the Copthorne Hotel Wellington Oriental Bay. With spectacular views of the beach as well as easy access to the Oriental Bay boardwalk, this stylish hotel in Wellington will introduce you to a world-class selection of neat little coffee shops, stylish boutiques and priceless antique shops affording a range of treasures to discover. If you feel your arts antennae buzzing with a creative signal, it must be detecting the Adam Art Gallery, which is home to a stunning selection of creativity designed and specifically chosen to provoke conversation and spark debate. The exhibits span a range of themes across various media can include group or solo projects. Currently, the gallery is running a revealing joint collection of works from Leiko Shiga of Japan and Paul Johns of Christchurch who both survived the recently earthquakes in the two countries. Witness the provocative still-life captures of the survivors and the debris-strewn aftermath that raises important question of life, death, existentialism and spirituality. The exhibit will run until the 29th of September and is worth a glimpse if you’re in the city at the time. From the 11th of October to the 20th of December, the gallery will feature the creations of John Panting, a talented young sculpture who died under tragic circumstances at the age of 34 in 1974. Emerging as a spark of creativity amidst a problematic modernist ethos, the spatial steel constructions are sure to lure arts appreciators of modernist reinvention. The same exhibition will also feature the works of New Zealand’s leading artist, Peter Robinson, who conducts unique forays into modernist sculpture via a range of materials such as piano wire, polystyrene, and felt. So drop by the Adams Art Gallery this year to witness one-of-a-kind journeys into human ingenuity and innovation.

Angela Fernando is an impassioned travel writer who composes pieces under the pen name Sumaira Narayan. She loves writing about new and exciting places around the world and intends to visit them all someday.


Marg Morrow Gallery Hokianga – Black and white come alive

Are you fascinated by the visual arts, of photography in particular? If so, head on down to the Marg Marrow Gallery, which presents a true treat for appreciators of the visual arts. Located in the middle of the historic town of Kohukohu, New Zealand is a splendid photographic gallery that sits alongside the Village Arts, overlooking the scenic Hokianga harbour.

The credit of opening this amazing art gallery goes to Marg Marrow. She is a black and white photography specialist who has produced mesmerising landscape photography, alternative media and darkroom processes. The gallery has successfully held several exhibitions that speak the true talent of artists. A few of these unique creations are classified under the titles of Houtupu, Maculare, The Shape of Water and Domestic Glimpses.

The Marg Marrow Gallery is famous among visitors as an outstanding white-wall gallery that showcases amazing creations of artists from around the country. One might think black and white photos are simple yet in reality it acts as a medium that speaks volumes to the discerning eye. If you visit this incredible gallery, you would discover how beautifully moments are captured in a photo. Although two-dimensional in actuality, the captures evoke a three-dimensional world of meaning and significance that is sure to ease and entrance the eye in one go.

Currently, the gallery features an exhibition under the intriguing title of “The Process of Forgetting”. The images that are showcase in this exhibition have strong visual references to the past. The content of the exhibition is based on personal memories of the artist that present a stunning glimpse into immensely intimate aspects of life. While you visit the Marg Morrow Gallery, do not forget to head to the Hokianga harbour that lies in front of the gallery, as it will present magnificent settings for photo opportunities captured through your own lens.

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Bason Botanic Gardens Whanganui – Getting Lost Amongst The Wonders of Nature

The Bason Botanic Gardens in Wanganui has been recognized as a ‘Garden of Significance’ by New Zealand’s Garden Trust and once you visit this place you will understand exactly what that means. There are six different themed areas in the garden including a much sought after collection of orchids.

Historically the place was built in the late 60’s. The gardens were formerly owned by the Bason brothers, Stanley and Blanche. It was originally a farm that was transformed into public gardens by the city council. What is spectacular about the site is the architecture within the area. The materials from two demolished picture theatres in Wanganui were used to build most of the structures.

The gardens have been separated according to the different types of flora in the area. Within the 25 hectares of land there are blocked out divisions namely the Dress Circle, Conifer Arboretum, Native Bush and Wetlands, Millennium Hill, Lakeside Flats and the Woodlands. The landscaped area is like a picture postcard, it looks unreal simply because it is so beautifully maintained and managed by the City Council. This would be the best place for visitors looking to capture a stunning picture. There are daffodils, magnolias, camellias, roses and Norfolk Island pines in abundance. You will also find a wonderful variety of tropical plants and trees.

Naturally the best time to visit the gardens is during spring, but even during the other seasons the view is spectacular since it is located in a somewhat frost-free environment. The lakeside area definitely provides one of the best views of New Zealand nature. The birds, animals and the flowers make you feel like you are in the middle of the Garden of Eden surrounded by the wonders of nature.

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Fox Glacier – The Art Work of Ice

New Zealand’s natural wonders reaches an epitome with the gigantic Fox Glacier situated in Westland Tai Poutini National Park on the West Coast of New Zealand’s South Island. The Glacier is one of the primary tourist attractions in the South Island and the entire village is named after it. The view here is spectacular and attracts at least around 1000 visitors each day who come to marvel at this artwork of nature.

The Glacier is mighty in size and stretches over 13 whole kilometers. It is fed by 4 separate glaciers and at the end of its 13 km journey the glacier falls at a height of 2600m. It is one of the few glaciers in the world that seems to end among the lush rainforest found only 300m above sea level. The outflow of this glacier is what makes the Fox River. Despite its intriguing beauty, the advancing nature of the glacier makes it prone to occasional collapsing. However, accidents are almost never if you follow the safety instruction provided and stay behind the barriers.

The Fox River was named after Sir William Fox; the prime minister of New Zealand in 1872. It is one of the most accessible glaciers in the world and hence makes a very popular tourist attraction. Around Fox glacier other places of interest can be found. You can get detailed information on the glacier and other attractions surrounding at the Fox Glacier village just 6km from this attraction. 46km down you can find the Bruce Bay and 23 km north east the Franz Josef Glacier can be found.

The peace and tranquility you will experience in this village makes it a very relaxing place to visit. The breathtaking views you can find in the fox glacier village is akin to the paradise nature of New Zealand.

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Waitomo Caves – An enchanting experience

Attracting thousands of visitors each year, the Waitomo Caves are indeed a marvel to behold. The word Waitomo being derived from the Maori Wai referring to water and tomo referring to a sinkhole or doline, the name is aptly coined thus to refer to the small size of the cave as well as to imply the water running through this marvellous God’s creations.

It is believed that these caves harbour within them a history of over 2 million years. Located at North Island of New Zealand, the Waitomo Caves are a natural attraction that has awed many in the past years and left them starry eyed with wonder. The limestone landscape of the province attracts the attention of many and has been a hotspot for cave tourism from the early 1900s. The most fascinating feature of these caves may be the presence of the glow-worms in thee otherwise dark and dreary caves. Discover these shimmering creatures while taking a casual paddle in a boat, gliding above the water usually guided by an experienced guide who will explain to the visitors in detail the many fascinating legends that robe these enchanting caves. The Waitomo Glow-worm Cave comprises of three levels and an enclosed cathedral which because of its excellent acoustic qualities has provided the stage for many famous singers to expose their talents. The guided tours will cover this and more bringing the visitors right through the cave and the catacombs. The tour ending in a boat ride in the underground Waitomo River only lit by the glow worms will bring the visitors under a sky lit by living moving fairy lights. The experience is indeed magical and is sure to leave deeply embedded memories in the minds all those who have had the privilege of visiting these mesmerizing caverns.

The most visited caves noted for their wondrous interiors are the Ruakuri Cave, Waitomo Glowworm Cave, Gardner’s Gut and Aranui Cave. Known for their wondrous stalagmite and stalactite displays hanging from the ceilings in distinctive clusters, the place is also known as a place that provides true caving experiences to-many.

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Auckland Anniversary Day – Aquatic Pursuits

Held each year on the Monday closest to the 29th, the day of the founding of Auckland Province, of which Auckland is New Zealand’s largest city. This was the day in 1840 when the Maoris ceded sovereignty of the province to the British. After laying the foundation stone for the city of Auckland in September of that year, the event was celebrated with a regatta. The regatta has now become the key event to commemorate the province’s founding.

The 2013 anniversary regatta is to be held on January 28th along with the other celebrations. The regatta has grown to be the world’s biggest one day sailing regatta and this year celebrates 173 years. The event attracts a huge number of participants from around the world and a large fleet of vessels from tall ships to sloops, gaff riggers, racing keelers to sailing dinghies, multi hulls to radio controlled boats, traditional waka ama canoes to sea scout crafts, classic yachts, several vintage tug boats and America Cup prototypes are expected to participate.

Breeze & Skytower

While it certainly is a great day for sailors so will it be for thousands of spectators who will throng every vantage point of the Viaduct and Wynyard Quarter to witness the event. Additional enjoyment will be provided in the form of free family entertainment and dragon boat and waka ama racing. Spectators will have an opportunity to get close to the priceless heritage vessels that will be berthed in the Viaduct Harbour and at night they will be all lit up providing a spectacular sight.

Other events held to celebrate the holiday include fire fighting displays, a parade through the Viaduct, special anniversary day cruises, Ports of Auckland public tours by boat, rides on SS Puke – a steam tug, sailing on a square rigged brigantine, the Auckland Seafood Festival featuring chefs from around the world complemented by several varieties of craft beers and wine and free fishing events for families among other competitions and draws.

Alt_City of Sails

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Owlcatraz – Having a Hoot of a Time in New Zealand!

7224314Blessed with some of the world’s most spectacular natural scenery, New Zealand offers countless hours of fun and adventure for those who love the great outdoors. The country is also home to a fascinating range of animals and birds and has plenty of attractions that feature wildlife. One such attraction which can be enjoyed by the entire family is Owlcatraz!

Located around 30 minutes away from Palmerston North, Owlcatraz is a native bird and wildlife park which offers visitors a unique opportunity to get better acquainted with these intriguing nocturnal birds. Here you will get to know more about Ruru owls that are native to the country. The enclosures do not have any physical barriers so you can get up close with these birds that have characteristically large eyes.

images (1)

An interesting feature at the site is the fact that the owl residents have been cleverly named after celebrities and famous personalities; on your visit you will come across Owl Capone, Owlvis Presley and Owlivia Newton John to name a few! You even have the opportunity to have your picture taken with Owlby, who was reared at the park itself.

There is much more to see at the park however. Those embarking on the Farm Walk can also meet such animals as Oha Kune pig, the Jerusalem donkey known as Artemus that you can hand feed, the ostriches, Windy and Storm and Mai Deer who is a red deer variety.

At the site you can also explore Lake Owlsmere where you can enjoy a leisurely stroll amidst picturesque natural scenery and birdlife including ducks. Not to be missed is a chance to see and learn more about the North Island Weka, an endangered flightless bird species. The man-made Wairuru Caves and the ye olde Shannon Jail with its collection of owls are among the other attractions at the site that provide plenty of fun and entertainment for young and old alike.

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Walter Peak High Country Farm – A Memorable Day in the Country!

Voyage across Lake Wakatipu on a classic steamship and land at the Walter Peak High Country Farm and be welcomed back in time. Make sure from this point onwards you let yourself transform into a persona that has never stepped into the millennium of fast paced technology!

A laid back, sleepy, high country farm, this place welcome and gives the guest a truly special native feel and experience.

After enjoying a warm and heartfelt ‘kiwi’ welcome, one can indulge in a walking tour of this expansive farm and feed the sheep and chicken and also get within patting distance of the deer and highland cattle found herein. After spending some time here, you can glimpse the sheepdogs in action as they heard the sheep. There is also on offer a practical shearing display and those who are interested are given the chance to try their hand at wool spinning!

The Colonel’s Homestead gardens is also an ideal place to visit as it can serve to rejuvenate and relax your tired feet by offering a beautiful backdrop to enjoy a kiwi country style tea so that you can rest before you set off on your exploration again!

Walter Peak Heritage Excursions includes taking in artefacts of Queenstown’s unique heritage and a cruise across the breathtakingly beautiful Lake Wakatipu. You can view historic memorabilia and photographs before you set off to wander and stroll along the exquisitely laid out lakeside gardens. You can also combine a lakeside cruise and a farm visit with a guide, ending with a barbecue lunch. The Colonel’s Homestead is there just for this purpose and visitors can unwind and relax by the lake and take in the succulent aromas rising from the barbecue.

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Mt Crichton Loop Track – Discovering New Zealand’s Spectacular Natural Scenery

Rich in natural scenery, Queenstown provides visitors with truly unforgettable outdoor adventures. The best way to explore the city and the surrounding countryside is by staying at a centrally located Queenstown hotel such as Millennium Hotel Queenstown. This luxury hotel Queenstown makes an ideal base from which to set off on outdoor excursions. One such area worth visiting is the Mt Crichton Scenic Reserve which is only around 10kms from Queenstown. Ideal for those who love a good hike amidst spectacular natural scenery, this loop track takes you on a memorable journey through manuka stands and a variety of beech trees including mountain and red beech. The entire loop track takes around 2 to 4 hours to complete and is an ideal outing for those looking to experience New Zealand’s rich natural bounty.