Walter Peak High Country Farm – A Memorable Day in the Country!

Voyage across Lake Wakatipu on a classic steamship and land at the Walter Peak High Country Farm and be welcomed back in time. Make sure from this point onwards you let yourself transform into a persona that has never stepped into the millennium of fast paced technology!

A laid back, sleepy, high country farm, this place welcome and gives the guest a truly special native feel and experience.

After enjoying a warm and heartfelt ‘kiwi’ welcome, one can indulge in a walking tour of this expansive farm and feed the sheep and chicken and also get within patting distance of the deer and highland cattle found herein. After spending some time here, you can glimpse the sheepdogs in action as they heard the sheep. There is also on offer a practical shearing display and those who are interested are given the chance to try their hand at wool spinning!

The Colonel’s Homestead gardens is also an ideal place to visit as it can serve to rejuvenate and relax your tired feet by offering a beautiful backdrop to enjoy a kiwi country style tea so that you can rest before you set off on your exploration again!

Walter Peak Heritage Excursions includes taking in artefacts of Queenstown’s unique heritage and a cruise across the breathtakingly beautiful Lake Wakatipu. You can view historic memorabilia and photographs before you set off to wander and stroll along the exquisitely laid out lakeside gardens. You can also combine a lakeside cruise and a farm visit with a guide, ending with a barbecue lunch. The Colonel’s Homestead is there just for this purpose and visitors can unwind and relax by the lake and take in the succulent aromas rising from the barbecue.

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Chandrishan Williams is a travel writer who writes under the pen name, Caleb Falcon. He specializes in writing content based on the many exciting world adventures that await intrepid travellers.