Mount Tarawera – The sleeping giant

Located several kilometres from Rotorua, Mount Tarawera lies dormant today, having been responsible for New Zealand’s largest dome and historic eruption. Made up of about 17 kilometres of rhyolitic lava domes that were fissured down the middle by an explosive basaltic eruption that occurred in the year 1886, this is indeed a splendid sight to witness despite the destruction that it had caused in the past. While in the area, one must simply lodge in a Rotorua hotel to find out what other marvels that this beautiful city offers. Millennium Hotel Rotorua is a hotel in Rotorua that is located within close proximity to all the places of interest within the area.

In the year 1886, between 1 and 2 cubic kms of basaltic lava erupted from this volcano killing 120 people, also destroying the beautiful pink and white sinter terraces in Lake Rotomahana. Today this sleeping giant lies serene, with a gaping 6 kilometre cater as a remainder of the devastation it had caused many years ago.